HH Ussaro 3 seater sofa_Trocadero coffee table and Graz armchairs

Art and craftsmanship, quality and excellence mixed in the name of the ideals of beauty and pleasure. Each product is like a work of art created from the know-how of master craftsmen, and translated into an perfect result, narrating tradition and made in Italy, an art made up of talent, sensitivity and skill.


The furniture and objects have been conceived specifically for the refined interior decoration of sophisticated hotels or elegant private villas, called upon to satisfy the most rigorous quality standards. Elegance is originated by the combination of precious and innovative materials, with exclusive models, for a glamourous finish.


HH VIENNA ARMCHAIRS & SATURNO COFFEE TABLES HH-Deco-4-s-eater-sofa-Geneve-Regency-armchairs HH-Frac-table

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