With the economy faltering and real estate values declining, many homeowners have decided to stay put and upgrade their homes to make them more cost efficient and comfortable.  Lavish renovation projects that drove the economic boom have given way to more focused but less expensive improvements that are designed to help save money.  With a overstocked housing supply in America, there is a nationwide commitment to energy independence.  Homeowners are looking for eco-friendly or green products that can make a difference.  And, while most of our attention is drawn to energy efficient appliances and compact fluorescent lighting, one often overlooked technology that will add value to your home and save energy dollars year round is solar control window film.

Solar control window film has been around for years, but recent innovations in coatings technology has delivered films that break all the rules and common misconceptions which have discouraged consideration of this energy saving option.

Typically thought of as a dark or shiny “tint” that is useful only in the hot summer months, today’s newer generation of clear solar control films transform a regular window into a smart window.  Using “natural light” films, homeowners can maintain the clarity of their windows while blocking out 55% of the sun’s summer heat and insulate their homes against heat loss in winter.  The truth is solar control window film can save you money year-round.

While most people think of window film during the hot summer months, the newer films can provide added savings by helping lock in winter heat, providing energy savings year round.  And with their ability to block 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation, these films can play a vital role in preserving our investment in our furnishings, flooring and artwork.

Clear “natural light” solar films deliver:

  • Absolute clarity – maintaining natural light, important on cloudy days, while providing superior insulation.
  • Maximum flexibility – allowing homeowners to use the film selectively – only where needed – without changing the appearance of filmed windows. No need to waste money filming other windows simply to maintain uniform appearance of window glass.
  • Reduced demand for costly interior lighting upgrades to offset loss of light due to installation of tinted window film.

Regardless, if clear film or tinted film is applied to a home, the benefits are immediate.  No matter the time of year, homeowners can realize significant savings on their heating and cooling bills.  Furthermore, repairs needed to cooling and heating systems will be reduced as the need to run these systems will be reduced. Mathematically, this investment pays for itself in a very short period of time.

For homeowners requiring added safety against violent weather, these solar films are also available as security films – designed to withstand punishing violent weather offer additional security against flying glass.

Whether facing explosions, violent weather, domestic violence or earthquakes, window film can reduce injury by containing shattered glass and reducing the amount of glass that turns into dangerous flying projectiles that could be potentially fatal.

Upgrading a home with solar control window film provides immediate payoff that lasts forever.  It is truly one of the only products that contribute to a green environment, keeping homeowners more comfortable, and increasing the value of their homes while reducing their energy costs.