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Cady-Ann Brown: Tantrik Swimwear Collection


Former model Cady-Ann Brown, a fashion veteran who has graced runways from New York to London founded the Tantrik Swimwear Collection in 2008.  She endeavoured to create a line that boldly melds the unique rhythms of the Caribbean with high couture and supreme style.  The result?  Pieces that define swimwear decadence and diversity.


Inspired by the geography of Jamaica; its breathtaking vistas, lush greenery and the Caribbean Sea, Tantrik Swimwear Collection is an instant infusion of sultriness and sophistication.


Tantrik: a term derived from the ancient Egyptian term “tantric” is defined in the display of intricately designed silhouettes. Strategic cut-outs add a sense of tantalizing playfulness to each design while serving power in body, speech, and mind.



Designed for every woman, every body, every fashion aesthetic; Tantrik caters to beach goddesses who have a penchant for cosmopolitan flair.  Evoking images of Marley tunes caressing the mind, the sun caressing warm bodies, laughter and irie vibes floating on the trade winds, Tantrik features a punchy color palette that represents the rich vibrant culture of Jamaica…. the warmth of the island and vibrancy of the people.


The Tantrik team can be contacted at: 786-238-6450 (USA), 876-438-3220 (Jamaica) or [email protected]




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