Caribbean islands are known for their pristine ambiance and exotic locations. Perhaps this is among the many reasons that Caribbean islands are home to some of the most luxury resorts in the region.



At the head of the class is Calivingy Island which is also the most expensive holiday retreat in the region. A one night stay at Calivingy Island costs around £40,000 or around $65, 000. The private island which is spread in an area of 81 acres has ten individually designed luxury suites.

Located near Grenada, the island offers serene mystique and is covered by golden sandy beaches. A group of around 20 people can stay luxuriously in the resort. With 140,000 square feet of living space available, the resort has casual and formal dining areas, five star kitchen and a gym among other luxuries. Vaulted Balinese style ceilings are another specialty of the Calivingy Island resort.


Adding to the ambiance of this luxurious Caribbean retreat are its six private beaches. The bedroom in each of its ten suites have a king-sized bed, carved wooden wardrobes and a wet bar. The specialty of this Calivingy Island resort is that both sea and air routes can be used to access the island.

calivigny island

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