Travel Haiti Flags, Symbols, National Anthem etc.

Haiti Flags, Symbols, National Anthem etc.

Flag of the empire of Haiti
Flag of the Empire of Haiti (1811 – 1820)
Flag of Haiti
Flag of Haiti (1964 – 1986)
Flag of Haiti
The current flag of Haiti was officially adopted on February 25, 1987.
As a former French colony, the blue and red colors are modeled after the French Tricolore. The national coat of arms (shown) depicts a trophy of weapons ready to defend freedom, and a royal palm for independence.
Coat of Arms of HaitiThe coat of arms of Haiti shows six draped flags of the country, three on each side, which are located in front of a palm tree and cannons.In front of the cannons are a drum, a bugle, long guns, and ship anchors. Above the palm tree, there is a Phrygian cap placed as a symbol of freedom.Just above the ribbon with the motto are two pieces of chain with a broken link symbolizing the broken chain of slavery. On the ribbon is the national motto of Haiti “L’Union Fait La Force” which means “Union Makes Strength”.
  • Flower: Hibiscus (unofficial)
  • Motto: “L’Union Fait La Force” “Union Makes Strength”
  • Tree: Royal Palm
Masked Trogon (Trogon Personatus) Male, Andes Mountains, Ecuador
                                                        Bird: Hispaniolan Trogon

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