Time spent in the bathroom is critical and purposeful.  Sure, some people lounge in their bathrooms just because, but time spent in the bathroom is usually time with a definite purpose.  When it is time to replace the critical elements in your bathroom, make healthier choices––for you and the planet


When your old ones wear out, go with sustainable materials and organic cottons. Pesticides used in producing conventionally grown cottons compromise the health of people working in the industry.



natural soapsSoaps

Select plant-based products. Avoid those containing parabens or petroleum-based scents, which can exacerbate allergic reactions. Also, to limit packaging waste, use products that offer refills.



recycled toilet paperTissues

Greenpeace recommends using tissue and toilet paper containing 100 percent recycled content (and at least 50 percent post-consumer), bleached without toxic chlorine compounds.




Choose natural materials and polyvinyl chloride-free plastics instead of plastic shower curtains or tub/shower mats; they often contain PVC plastic, which can release carcinogenic phthalates.



bathroom-design-with-green-plants-and-natural-stone-decorAdd fresh air

Along with opening a window for natural ventilation, station a houseplant sinkside to help filter the air.

According to a NASA report, some of the best air-cleaning houseplants are snake plants (pictured), spider plants, English ivy, and small-leafed rubber plants