Reasons To Immediately End Your Relationship


From the classic “we need to talk” breakup phrase to the “it’s just not working out” explanation, or “I need space”, there are seemingly endless ways and reasons to end your relationship. Breaking up can be difficult. It often means tears, frustration, anger and confusion. But no matter how long you’ve been together, how old you are or how much you think you love your partner, below are some definitive reasons to end your relationship ASAP.


black-woman hitting manPhysical Abuse

No-one deserves to be abused. Considering the many reasons to end your relationship, physical abuse should take the number one slot every time. There aren’t enough roses or “I’m sorrys” in the world to void bruises or broken bones. Apologies will not make you forget the pain. Your personal safety and health are not worth sticking around in the hopes that they will change. If your significant or insignificant other hits you, chokes you etc. you need to leave them immediately. Leave and never look back.


arguing coupleEmotional And Verbal Abuse

While physical abuse is a dangerous and terrible situation, emotional and verbal abuse can be just as harmful in a relationship. Your partner is supposed to love and respect you, not make you feel worthless, depressed, anxious or unwanted. Verbal abuse can leave lasting mental scars, and is something not to be taken lightly. If you are in a verbally abusive relationship, you need to put on a brave face and end it. You are worthy of love and happiness and deserve nothing less.


bun and cheeseChronic Cheating

Ending a relationship for a single indiscretion is highly debatable in some circles (not mine). While it’s true that people make mistakes, it’s also true that some people just will not change. If your partner has cheated on you on more than one occasion, chances are they’re a chronic cheater. If you’re always feeling self-conscious, wondering if you’re good enough, always wondering where they spend their time or if you feel compelled to check their phone for proof of infidelity, your relationship is not worth saving. Break it off and find someone who wants you and only you.


gold-cuff-braceletPossessive Behavior

While it’s nice to be looked after and cared for, there is a limit to how much involvement your partner should have in your life. If you find yourself being constantly pulled away from people important to you at your partner’s behest, you should consider the possibility that they are overly possessive. If they need to know when and where you are everywhere, and still doubt the veracity of the information you provide to them without reason and are constantly requiring that you bend over backwards to satisfy their insecurities, RUN.  If you’ve tried explaining that you enjoy having time with your family and friends only to be met with disapproval and arguing, it’s time to end the relationship and remain close with those who matter most to you.


deniedLack of Support