There are simple, easy low cost changes that we can make within our homes to help us save energy, overall cost and lessen our impact on the planet.  Below I’ve listed some easily incorporated suggestions that we can employ to begin our journey to a greener, more efficient lifestyle.


faucet-adapter1 | Install a water-saver faucet adapter to start flow quickly with the back of your hand and shut off flow when you release. Investment: From $17. Savings: 2.2 gallons per minute.




toilet-tank-bank2 | Displace water in your toilet tank with a weighted 2-liter plastic bottle, a toilet tank bank or a brick. Toilets use more water than washing machines or showers. Investment: Free! Savings: 0.5 gallon per flush.




shower adapter3 | Slow flow with a shower adapter. At around 95°, the volume slows to prevent warm water waste. Just pull the cord when you’re ready to rinse. Investment: $30. Savings: 2.5+ gallons per minute.



insulated-water-heater4 | Wrap your water heater with insulation to reduce heat loss. Investment: $20 for insulation from your local home improvement store. Savings: Reduce your home energy use by approximately 9%.




programmable thermostat

5 | Install a program­mable thermostat so that your heating/cooling system runs only when you need it. Investment: $36. Savings: Reduce home energy use by up to 33%.



clothes-on-line6 | Line-dry your clothes (the dryer is an energy hog). If you don’t currently reside in the Caribbean, sunny Florida or a southwestern state, it may not be as easy as when your grandma did it. Also, many homeowners’ associations ban clotheslines, but if it isn’t an issue in your locale, you can save a ton of money with this. Your clothes and linen feel better against your skin and experience less wear and tear.



watering_can7 | Flex your muscles in the garden: Use a broom instead of a blower, a watering can instead of a sprinkler, and a push mower instead of a riding one.




Compost-Bin-Kitchen8 | If you garden, learn to compost: Kitchen composting is one of the easiest ways to lessen landfill. There are numerous sink-side compost containers to choose from. Get tips at




container-gardening-cups9 | Save money and packaging: Grow herbs and veggies at home .  No yard? No problem, some container gardening ideas can be found here.





outlet seals10 | Install foam light-switch and outlet sealers , they insulate to prevent heating and cooling loss. Investment: around 33 cents each ($20 for 60 seals from Ace Hardware). Savings: Reduce home energy use by 2%.




Imagine how much incorporating a few of these low cost ideas into your life can save you short-term and in the long run.