Tonight on The Voice finale, the Top 3 artists, Tessanne, Will and Jacquie performed live in the hopes of winning season 5.   The singers each had to perform three songs in the finale, a rendition of the song they sang during the blind auditions, a new song and then a duet with their coach.

Tessanne sang Try by Pink for her blind audition and for her solo she sang, I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston.  For her duet with Adam she sang, Let it Be, by the Beatles.

Tessane recaptured the magic of her Voice audition with her performance of Pink’s “Try”.



Tessanne and Adam’s rendition of The Beatles “Let It Be” was absolutely outstanding,  Their voices melded perfectly together to create a melodious harmony. Tessanne has represented herself and her culture beautifully during the competition and tonight was no exception.  The song was flowing beautifully and suddenly, the beat dropped.  In came the thing called the unmistakeable reggae one drop beat, and #chinitagoodaz was in full effect.  Tessanne and Adam killed “Let It Be” inna reggae stylee.



Tessanne’s final song was one of Whitney Houston’s signature songs “I Have Nothing”.  Contrary to the title of the song, she showed once again that she has everything needed to do any song she chooses to sing absolute justice.  Her pitch, tone and delivery were perfect.  I was literally praying that she would not crack on the high notes, and especially because she’d already sung two songs.  #Teamchinitagoodaz had nothing to fear.  Tessanne sang that song in a way never before heard.  She did it absolute justice.


A lot of people, myself included are getting busy signals, but don’t be dissuaded, Tessanne did her part, let’s be patient and do ours to ensure that she wins.