Designing and arranging a small bedroom space can be challenging.   Using great lighting, multi-functional space saving solutions and a bit of ingenuity, you can create a stylish unique space of your own.


small-bedroom-mirrorsUse mirrors to create depth and dimension.  Mirrors act as windows in a room, one large mirror can create the appearance of additional space, whereas multiple smaller mirrors grouped creates instant visual interest and redistribute light.


bedroom-plants-0110-lIf you have low windows, you can use potted plants as a green screen to create privacy from outdoors, or, you can use them as a space divider.   You get the added benefit of natural air filtration.


small-bedrooms-limited palletteLimiting the colour pallette creates the illusion of more space by enhancing the flow of synchronicity.  Using similar colours on walls, furnishings and bedding creates few disruptions and makes the bedroom look larger and airier.


prefab-bedroom-lIf you have a studio or want to get more livability out of your bedroom, use a piece of furniture such as a console or desk to create a divisive line between sleeping and lounging or sleeping and working areas.


small-bedroom window-treatments_Create the illusion of a taller room by hanging curtains above window height.  Install rods close to the ceilings and use long floor length curtains.  Also, enhance the width of windows by using rods that are wider than the window.