usain tessanne

Tessanne had another standout performance on the voice tonight.  She performed No Doubt’s classic ska song “Underneath It All”. Now before anyone gets pissed… please note: yes, that was a “ska” song.  We hear of the dilution and re-branding of our music and think its a joke.  But, it isn’t.  That particular song was done in an era when it was all about the burgeoning California ska scene.

Chinita Goodaz was in full effect tonight.  Her performance reminded me of that Cherine Anderson & DI song, “Rebel”. Tessanne already has the good girl thing on lock, and tonight, she had the rude gyal swag in full effect.  When she did the DJing part of the song, she sounded better than almost all the female DJs out there.  Dem better try book her fi Sting.

Levine said, “I’m just so proud of you darling,” and called her performance “well-rounded.”

Christina Aguilera said, “I finally heard something I was searching for… You were able to tap into your truth.”

Christina, you kinda getting irksome, so if you don’t hear her accent every week she isn’t being “true”?  She’s a performer, yes.  But not a minstrel act from a bygone era in which it was all about performing for amusement.  Yes, you love her accent, and the show is called “The Voice”, and that’s what its about: her singing voice.

BTW, I can’t wait to hear how Dutty Berry a go sort out Adam Levine for referring to Mr. Cuffe’s wife as “darling”

Vote Vote Vote for Tessanne people!!!! #teamchinitagoodas