Natural table

Create beautiful table settings with seasonal touches plucked from nature.

Create your own eco-table, starting with what you already have. Chairs and utensils don’t have to match ― in fact, an eclectic mix adds a personal touch.
Stock up on sturdy ceramic dishware and quality table linens in muted colors that can be dressed up for any occasion. Then sprinkle in a little of nature’s bounty.


natural-herbs-lRather than purchase season-specific tableware and decorations, accent what you already have.

Pair natural-toned ceramics with assorted silverware and everyday glassware.

Adorn napkins with name cards, herbs, and a ribbon for a dash of holiday color.








natural-gift-lSmall guest gifts can be wrapped in brown shopping bags or Kraft paper (sold at craft stores), then embellished with colorful patterned paper remnants.










 natural-candle-lIlluminating natural elements gives such nice texture and warmth.

Place a small glass hurricane inside a larger one with about a ¼-inch space between and slipped in wheat.

Place a candle in the center (be sure your candle is shorter than the height of the inner glass).

As an extra precaution use battery operated candles.






placecard-leaf-lWrite the name on the back of a leaf.

Use a pen with white or silver ink.

The leathery texture of the leaf complements table linens. Coordinate the napkin color.