Up and coming designer Delia Alleyne, a native of Scarborough, Tobago, lists her main inspiration as the beauty and creativity of her homeland.   Delia’s foray into the world of fashion began with her designing and creating gowns for pageants in Tobago.

In 2001, her first design won the best gown title in a Miss T&T pageant. She stayed on this blazing trail by continuing to create designs for other competitions such as the Miss Tobago Heritage Festival, Miss Tobago Festival and Miss Credit Union.


In 2008, wanting to broaden her scope and solidify her position in the world of fashion and design, Delia enrolled in the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design at The University of Trinidad and Tobago. In
October 2009, she was invited to show in the Making Style Gala Fashion Show held in Tobago. She presented her first collection which was constructed entirely of plastic.

image(2)In 2011 at CAFD, Delia was the 1st runner up in the Designer Critic Award Show.  Her group was instructed and mentored by Trinidadian fashion designers Nigel Eastman and Omzad Khan of Zadd and Eastman. Those designs graced the catwalk of the Tobago Fashion Weekend that same year.  In August 2011, Delia designed the costumes for the cast of the Tobago Heritage Festival opening night.

She also received critical acclaim in for 2011 for tutoring Miss Anya Ayoung Chee, the season 9 winner of Project Runway.

image(4)In August 2012, Delia was a part of a cultural team that visited and showcased various aspects of Tobago’s culture in Canada. She was tasked with showcasing her designs and that of other fashion designers of Tobago at Harbourfront in the Island Soul Festival.  In August, she was also awarded the Tobago Designer of the Year award by the Tobago Heritage Committee.

In January 2013, Delia worked with the team headed by top Trinidad fashion designer Meiling to design costumes for the annual 3 Canal show titled “Planass”. In February 2013, she traveled to Canada to showcase with 3 other graduates of The Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design at Ottawa Fashion Week. April 2013, Delia worked with The Callaloo Company (Peter Minshall’s Mas Camp), under the recommendation of Meiling to outfit the cast for a Drew Manor opening event.

In April 2013 she showcased at the first installation of Tobago Fashion Coda at the Madgalena Grand Hotel.

image(8)In May she presented her first full collection since graduating from the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design. This collection, themed “Steampunk Revolution” was also showcased at Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica in June, 2013.  In July, she designed the outfits for the cast of the Tobago Heritage Festival opening night.
In August, as one of four selected fashion designers, she was part of a Trinidad and Tobago contingent to Suriname for Carifesta XI.  She presented two collections, Steampunk Revolution and 21st Century Egypt – her thesis collection from The Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design.

Delia continues to participate in runway shows and is currently working on her next collection to be presented in 2014.

Her primary goal is for the Delia Alleyne brand to become well known throughout the Caribbean.

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