Regal is a word synonymous with a brand like Rolls Royce.  With the arrival of the marquee’s latest avatar, Wraith, another R word ‘Ravishing’ is decadently appropriate. The Wraith is configured around a shortened Ghost platform and its deft styling and double toned color-code qualifies it to be the sleekest Rolls-Royce ever made.


Wraith-V3-1080Wraith is the tiniest of the seven-model lineup of Rolls-Royce by being shorter in length by 133 mm and 183 mm in wheelbase from its nearest rival, the Ghost. The frame-less windows, the bends and creases flowing from one end to the other, wide hips and inflated arches and the outright massive and physically imposing looks transcend the car to a different level . Even the Spirit of Ecstasy statuette outlined on the car’s bonnet is angled a few degrees forward for some additional bit of regalia, on top of a profoundly indented grille.


Wraith-Coupe-NYIAS-InteriorThe Wraith’s cockpit can accommodate four occupants and is decked in the traditional finesse of Rolls-Royce upholstery. Features like Canadel sheeting, open-grained wood coating and star-lit headliners that uses miniature LEDs to generate awesome night-sky vision. This is the first time that this lighting scheme has been endowed on a car other than the popular Phantom. Besides the conventional organ-stop console for the vents, the car’s central dashboard has a multipurpose display controlled by a touch-pad on the console-kit, giving a profound personalized touch to the car’s safety and controls.



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