Contrary to popular belief in some circles, professional progress has no direct impact on your ability to attract and experience love. How many meetings you spearhead, deals you close, or how many business problems you annihilate have zero bearing on your love quotient.

News about the failed marriages of politicians, athletes, entertainers, pastors, and various business leaders is evidence that a million-dollar net worth is not impactful on one’s ability to save their marriage. The reality is, no matter how much money you have you can’t buy true love.

  • Friendship: In today’s world of instant gratification, relationships are not exempt. We adhere to the system of identifying someone to whom we are attracted, talk on the phone for a couple of days, go out to dinner and a movie, and then pursue an intimate relationship. This has led to a culture of microwaveable revolving door relationships and rampant divorce. Failure to build a solid friendship with the person we are pursuing an intimate relationship with makes it very easy to abandon ship when things start to go awry. True friendship creates an anchor that helps to provide stability during trying times.
  • Communication: Divorce can be caused by myriad reasons.  Whether the reason cited is money, infidelity, or  something else, it all simplifies to the inability to communicate. Communication is critical to resolving many of the issues experienced in life and in relationships. No matter how hard you try, if you don’t speak the love language of the person you’re with, you’ll have issues. Research shows the one common denominator in marriages lasting more than 40 years is healthy communication. There is no income bracket for learning the art of communication; we all have the ability to incorporate this principle in our lives.
  • Sacrifice: Two people who are willing to sacrifice for one another is essential to a good relationship.  Observing your prospective mate’s willingness to sacrifice will give you an indication of what to expect in a relationship with them. If the person you’re dating demonstrates a need to always get their way in the relationship, proceed cautiously. Sacrifice isn’t something money can buy, it’s something built into the character of a person.