#1 : Luvaglio
Price :  $1,000,000
Producer : Luvaglio

Luvaglio Laptop

No other laptop in the world even comes close to this price. Desire to possess the most expensive laptop in the world?  You can provide your own customization on the design, spec and even on the materials. You can choose anything from wood, Iron and metal to build your one of a kind masterpiece. You can upgrade its hardware at any point in time. What  makes it so expensive?  Well, there are no “buttons”…you will only see diamond pieces in place of every key.


#2: Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook
Producer : Tulip

tulip laptop


#3 : Ego for Bentley
Price : $20,000
Producer : Ego

ego laptop


# 4 : Voodoo Envy H171
Price : $8,500
Producer : Voodoo

Voodoo Envy laptop


#5 : Stealth MacBook Pro
Price : $6,000
Producer : Apple

macbook pro stealth laptop